Uploading an AMM

AMM/ ESM Manuals can be added in a number of areas depending on your own work process. You can add a manual to your account that can be used on multiple engines for example a shop manual, or you can upload a manual while preparing an inspection.

Adding an AMM to your account

Click on My Account in the top right hand corner and then select Manage Account.

Then select Maintenance Manuals. Here you can edit existing manuals or click Create New to Add an AMM.

Give your manual a name and select choose file to upload a pdf version of your AMM.

Once uploaded click save.

Adding an AMM to inspection

When preparing an inspection you can add a new manual or select a pre-uploaded manual from the list.

    1. Reference for the AMM for the printed BSI report.
    2. Type: AMM / ESM
    3. Either select from the dropdown (pre uploaded manuals)
    4. Or Add a name for a New manual
    5. Upload new Manual by clicking Choose file and selecting the relevant manual.