Preparing an Inspection

To prepare/create an inspection you can:
Go to the Engine Profiles page and select Actions – Prepare Inspection on the relevant engine.
Go to the BSI Upload page and select Prepare Inspection.


From here you add all relevant information that you currently have for the inspection. Compulsory fields are marked with an asterix.

If you select On Wing you will be presented with additional options to record the aircraft, position etc of the engine.

On the right hand side you will be able to add users with Viewer/Inspector roles to view and/or inspect the inspection if they are already on the system.
If you have not yet added any Viewers/Inspectors they can be retrospectively added at any time (click here to find out how)

Click Submit once you’re finished to proceed to the next step, Payment.

On the Payment page, you can choose to add a new payment method or use an existing one.

Once a valid payment method is chosen, the ‘Purchase’ button will become enabled and you can proceed.

If the purchase is successful, you will see a confirmation page with your purchase details.