Inputting Inspection Data

You can download a PDF guide by clicking this link or read below for how to Input an Inspection.

To input Inspection Data, Log in to your BSI account and go to the ‘BSI Upload’ page and click Actions – ‘Input Inspection Data’ for the inspection you have been assigned to.

Once you click on this link you will be taken to the main data entry area. Entries are done by Module/Component.

To navigate between modules you can either select the module from the drop down menu at the top:

or by using the buttons at the bottom of the page:

As you upload files they are saved automatically so you do not need to save between modules. You can see the status of uploads by looking at their progress bars. You can change between components while the files are uploading just ensure they are all finished before you close off the inspection/ finish later.

Within the component view there are fields that vary depending on the area of the engine you are in but most are the same.

First is the Serviceable Radio Box. You may select serviceable, unserviceable or not inspected if it was not part of your inspection. Selecting unserviceable also creates an alert for online viewers of the report to highlight an area of the engine that needs attention.

Next is the checkbox area – NOTE this is not visible for every component just those that are relevant. Please select the values that match your findings

Written Findings can be entered next, this should be any narratives that you want for the general component. You can choose to format these (eg use bold or underline) for the online report viewers but they will be standardised for the printable pdf report.

Photos are entered next and can be uploaded by either dragging and dropping them into the photo area or by clicking select photos and adding them that way. when you add a photo you will have the option to add an AMM reference page (1)  and a caption (2). This caption will output on the online and pdf report and the AMM reference should be to the page number on the PDF, entering this will allow viewers of the report click the page and be taken directly to the page to see the reference. To include the picture in the pdf report click the box (3). To delete the photo click the delete button.

In a similar way to Photos Videos can be either dragged or selected from your file explorer / finder by clicking the button. We recommend MP4 for video uploads.

Finally you can attach AMM manual references in the final box. To do this take a screenshot and highlight any areas you want highlighted and the save them into this section. These will form the appendixes of the PDF report.

At any stage you can choose the option at the bottom to view draft to see how the report will look to this point in time.

Once complete you can either click finish later to come back and edit further / upload more images/ videos if the connection speed was not sufficient in your location

or Finish and Sign Off to complete your report. From there you will be taken to the sign off page.

The sign off page allows you to attach the ARC and also to upload an electronic signature for the PDF report. Alternatively you can choose to sign off manually via checkbox and this will generate the pdf report for you to print off and sign. NOTE: Once you finish an inspection here it is closed to further edits and you will need to get a company admin to open it again if you want to add more content. If you clicked in accidently you can choose cancel to go back and edit further.

Once Finished the report is complete and submitted. No additional inputs or formatting are required by you.