Uploading an AMM

AMM/ ESM Manuals can be added in a number of areas depending on your own work process. You can add a manual to your account that can be used on multiple engines for example a shop manual, or you can upload a manual while preparing an inspection.

Adding an AMM to your account

Click on My Account in the top right hand corner and then select Manage Account.

Then select Maintenance Manuals. Here you can edit existing manuals or click Create New to Add an AMM.

Give your manual a name and select choose file to upload a pdf version of your AMM.

Once uploaded click save.

Adding an AMM to inspection

When preparing an inspection you can add a new manual or select a pre-uploaded manual from the list.

    1. Reference for the AMM for the printed BSI report.
    2. Type: AMM / ESM
    3. Either select from the dropdown (pre uploaded manuals)
    4. Or Add a name for a New manual
    5. Upload new Manual by clicking Choose file and selecting the relevant manual.

Viewing Inspections

The Guide below shows how to view a BSI Inspection, alternatively you can download a pdf version by clicking this link.

First log into your BSI account.

Next click BSI View in the top menu bar. You will be presented with a list of all BSI Inspections that are available to you for viewing. Green Indicates a completed inspection, white indicates an inspection that is ongoing or in draft format. To find your inspection if the list is longer you can search for the engine or inspection reference/ serial number.

Once you find your inspection you can click actions and choose to view either the online BSI Report or the Print BSI Report. Selecting View Print BSI Report will bring you to the PDF version for printing / review.

Selecting View Online BSI Report will bring you to the interactive report. This guide covers that report mainly.

To navigate the online inspection we provide a number of methods depending on your requirements and desired outcome:

  1. Hover on any engine section (on desktop) on interactive engine map to see detailed inspection findings.
  2. Click on specific engine sections to view that module. Engine sections are colour coded for easier identification. Sections in grey have not been inspected.
  3. Click ‘Alerts’ from the top menu for the list of unserviceable conditions, click on component name to go straight to that components findings page.
  4. Once in the sections you can also use the engine quick navigation to move between modules.

Each engine section contains useful graphics such as component diagrams and borescope port holes.

  • Engine icon (top right) shows location in engine being inspected.
  • Left panel provides link to component inspection:
    • Grey text = Not inspected
    • Blue text = Inspected
  • Click to enter findings page.


Component findings page has four (4) tabs: Photos; Video; Findings; AMM Extracts.

1. Photos: Contains all photos uploaded by inspector.

  • Double-click photo to enlarge on screen.
  • Page number under photo – click for hyperlink to exact AMM page with inspection criteria.

2. Videos: Contains all videos uploaded by inspector.

  • Click play icon to show video on screen.
  • Click ‘Download’ under video to save/extract.

3. Findings: Contains written comments input by inspector.

4. Maintenance Manual Extracts:

  • Contains any AMM extracts uploaded by inspector
  • Double-click to enlarge on screen.